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An excelent initiative launched by Fortyfive Tech, a seasoned  #technology team with a deep understanding of aviation operations and tremendous experience building and operating large-scale software systems in the cloud.

It is no secret that #Romania has become one of the hottest IT solution points on this planet. And yes, we do have one of the coolest internet connection, a sort of Concorde data speed.

It all started, probably, during the mIRC chat era that has shaped today’s best IT #engineers, fibre optic technicians, all of them displaying great creativity levels.

”Commercial aviation is a tightly knit community of people, thriving on collaboration, knowledge sharing and operational excellence.
When #COVID_19 hit, leaders had to make tough decisions to let people go in order to ensure their organizations’ survival. Despite these tough actions, the community not only lives on but is getting stronger by the day, becoming ever more important.” Filip Cherecheș-Toșa

They helped move #aviation before the global pandemic and they are striving to do it all again with this platform, basically a community of aviation professionals looking for their next opportunity.


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