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Joining FPU Romania not only gives you control over your contractual terms and conditions, but it also actively connects you to the European aviation community.

As a full member of FPU Romania you get:

  • Access to lawyers who can advise in relation to your contractual relationships.
  • We can help you get in touch with the correct local, national, or international authorities or organizations.
  • You support the lobbying efforts for fair working conditions in the aviation industry.
    FPU Romania is an active member of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and supports ECA’s work in many industrial and technical areas.
  • You get access to updates on European, Romanian, and Eastern European aviation.
  • Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to see our work.

With much-needed innovation in this space, we made it easy for you to join us, allowing you to seamlessly fill out the online form and enjoy the benefits of our membership. That‘s what our website and social media represent right now: a way to connect with us. 

7 good reasons to become a member of FPU Romania

☑ You can become a member of the association regardless of whether you have an existing agreement with another organization at work or if you work abroad.

☑️ We are the most ambitious professional association in Romania, specializing in the aviation industry, with trusted representatives in most national and international organizations that fight for your legitimate interests at work.

☑️ We work politically to support the interests of our members, but we do not work with political parties.

☑️ Through our experience and expertise, we can support consultations on the challenges of the aviation industry as well as on the challenges at work, both from a professional point of view and from a legal perspective.

☑️ Do you feel harassed or discriminated against at work? We can help you with all the problems and challenges you have in connection with your work, even if it requires a lawyer.

☑️ We are experts in advising on the challenges of the aviation industry and your challenges in the workplace, both professionally and legally. We protect your terms beyond the Romanian borders. We are the Flight Personnel Union, which is an active member of most international networks.

In my workplace there is no collective agreement!

We also help you when your employer does not want to sign a collective agreement.

☑ We will review your contract.
We have experienced that some contracts were illegal in relation to Romanian law and EU law. We can point this out so that your company changes the contracts and terms in your favor.

☑ We will look through your pay slip. We have experienced that companies use incorrect deduction percentages or do not provide the correct salary. By looking through your pay slips we can see if there are any errors, and we can help point this out to the company.

☑ We can raise court cases for you. In FPU Romania, we have in-house lawyers who can conduct civil cases. If you do not receive legal, salary, or holiday pay, then we will be able to bring a case for you in court. *Subject to legal assistance policy requirements.

☑ We can assist in work injury cases. If you are injured at work (e.g., with your back), we can help you with your case so that you can receive compensation.

☑ We help with bankruptcies. You get help to secure your salary, holiday pay, and pension by helping to report your claim for salary.

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