About us

Founded in 2020, the Flight Personnel Union Romania (FPUR) represents and organizes pilots and cabin crew based in Romania.

As we continue to grow and expand our support for more pilots and cabin crews, we feel the need to re-introduce ourselves and our mission.

FPU Romania was born out of a pure ambition to improve working conditions. We are committed to preserving flight safety, and we mean it. We stand for Just Culture—it’s not just a phrase for us; it’s a principle we embrace as a rule of law.

But we want to go even further with this project. We want to become something a little more refined, more sustainable, and beyond anything else ever attempted in Romania. From cabin to flight deck, Airbus to Boeing, cadet to instructor, they are all part of our community.

FPUR is not only the go-to place for the industry’s endless problems to solve, but it is also a safe space among pilots and cabin crew who are truly passionate about an aviation career. It is a specialized organization where members can unite, feeling protected and represented.

With much-needed innovation in this space, we made it effortless for you to join us, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy the benefits of our membership. That‘s what our website and social media represent right now—a way to connect with us.

This journey has just begun, and everyone is welcome onboard. We hope you join us!

About FPU Romania

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