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As we continue to grow and expand our support for more pilots and cabin crews, we feel the need to re-introduce ourselves and our mission.


FLIGHTS INTO AND OVER CONFLICT ZONES FPU Romania has received numerous concerns from Flight Crew members in our country regarding the ongoing crisis in Israel.

Can your employer demand that you get vaccinated?

Can you be fired if you are not vaccinated? And must the employer write in a contract that the employee must be vaccinated? These are some of the questions that FPU Romania has recently received from pilots and cabin crew in Romania.

Poate angajatorul tău să îți solicite vaccinarea împotriva Covid-19?

Poți fi concediat dacă nu ești vaccinat? Și are angajatorul obligația să scrie într-un contract că angajatul trebuie vaccinat? Acestea sunt câteva dintre întrebările pe care FPU România le-a primit din partea piloților și însoțitorilor de zbor din România.

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