Strange Wizz Air commanders fly out of Skopje in Romania and Hungary – “Rules may be too strict”

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Wizzair rose to headlines in #Finnland when passengers on a flight flying from #Skopje to #Turku on 8 August were found to have 26 corona infections.

Messages to employees from #Wizzair ’s Base Manager at #ClujNapoca Airport in #Romania have caused confusion among staff.
“During this day, three crews were withdrawn from work the following days due to #covid_19 cases detected on flight. We’re currently operating with a very small number of staff” he wrote to the #flightcrew message group.

In his message, the manager gave the #employees a particularly audible instruction:

“Don’t report being unfit if you have symptoms of sickness. If you report incapacity to fly to the OCC, you must notify me by email in English of the reasons that led to the airworthiness. If the explanations are considered to justify UTF, the code is retained. If not, the code will be changed and it’s your responsibility to provide the relevant documents in accordance with the new code.”

The message gives the impression that the manager would assess the impact of the illness on his or her own ability to work before it can be officially reported to the company.


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