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Why hire a pilot?

Allan Lavridsen is a captain with 30 years of experience and 15,000 hours of flying hours in his logbook.

He has written a post that should be compulsory reading for job centers and many employers all around the world.

What can they do then, those pilots?

  • Demonstrate leadership and collaboration with a wide range of human types
  • Analyse complicated contexts – both technical and social
  • Prioritise and make decisions in a saturated information environment
  • Speak in public, teach and share knowledge
  • Demonstrate calm, discipline and flexibility.

There are a lot of pilots right now looking for a job outside of aviation, and they are bursting with all the skills that a dynamic organization needs.

So now, for God’s sake, do not perceive them as glorified bus drivers. They need to go out and have some responsibility, that’s what they’re good at.

Almost everyone will be able to buy a pilot’s license if they have enough money, but very few have the skills to create a professional career in aviation.

Call a pilot for a job interview today, you’ll be happy about that. Flyvebranchens Personale Union

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