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Answers to 7 of the most common Questions

FPU Romania plays an important role in the development of an organized workforce in Eastern Europe that fights for legitimate interests in the aviation industry. Therefore, every now and then we get questions from our prospective members, supporters, like-minded activists, and journalists. Here are some of the things you need to know about the work we do.

What can FPU Romania help its members with?

We start with the basics, reviewing labor contracts, working conditions, and payslips. We have experienced that some contracts were illegal in relation to Romanian law and EU law, and companies also use incorrect deduction percentages or do not provide the correct salary. We can point this out first to employers, followed by the local authorities, and finally, our lawyers will raise the case in court, if needed.

We can help our members get in touch with the correct local or international authorities and organizations to find out details about the pension scheme and if the correct payments have been made. Or in case our colleagues get injured at work (e.g., back injuries), we can help so that they can receive compensation.

In FPU Romania, we have a very experienced legal team who can conduct labor-related cases. If you do not receive legal, salary, or holiday pay, then we will be able to bring a case for you in court.

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What are some examples of things FPU Romania has done so far to help its members?

FPU Romania has been actively involved in lobbying the national and EU aviation authorities for better regulation and improvement of safety cultures inside the airlines that are based in Eastern Europe. We have represented our members in front of the management and whenever necessary in front of the labor authorities and courts, fighting to improve the working conditions for our members, indicating inaccurate legal provisions concerning disciplinary actions and unlawful dismissals, and fixing individual labor contracts that were drafted contrary to the law, or even reclaiming the money paid by our members due to the illegal Passenger Locator Form (PLF) fines.

Finally, we are monitoring our members’ payslips and ensuring that they get their well-deserved salary and all social contributions paid accordingly by the employer.

What are the biggest problems in Romanian aviation at the moment?

Romanian aviation is experiencing a significant shortage of crew, poor terms and conditions, atypical contracts, abusive employers, and infringement of fundamental rights, especially, freedom of expression and association. Weak national legislation and lack of understanding of the social dumping effect and the complicated contractual engineering have made labor inspection inefficient in front of multinational companies using loopholes in the EU regulations (Rome and Brussels 1).  

Does FPU Romania support flight crews in other countries than Romania?

FPU Romania is a legally registered professional association with a focus on the Eastern European aviation industry. We welcome members from all member states that wish to get involved or simply support our project. We mainly represent members from Romania, but we also support and assist our colleagues from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia.

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Why is it called FPU Romania?

FPU Romania stands for Flight Personnel Union Romania. The project is the brainchild of FPU in Denmark, one of the most respected voices in the European aviation environment. Our activity is supported by the Danish head organization.

Why was FPU Romania created?

Through our close cooperation with Flyvebranchen Personale Union (FPU) in Denmark, we want to stop unfair competition and redefine social dialogue in Eastern Europe.

We are the first organization in Romania that aims to bring together pilots and cabin crew, fighting together for our legitimate interests in the aviation industry, and helping them organize into associations that promote decent working conditions.

Does FPU Romania work with other European partners?

We have close ties with the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), but also with other trade union organizations in most European member states, and Ukraine.

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