While the Ministry of Transport is busy placing the workforce, the Romanian Aviation is in clinical death

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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

TAROM does not retract and announces layoffs of 400-500 staff, given the financial losses.

So far, nothing new. However, the long-awaited restructuring plan brings to the fore the eternal 🎪 that Romanians pretend not to see for over 30 years.

https://bit.ly/2Q1z0RjRomania libera exclusively

Mihăiță Ursu, CEO of Tarom, found it necessary to hire a communications consultant, given that there was already another person employed in the same position within the company. Marius Popescu was hired as a communication adviser, with a salary of approximately 2.700 USD/lună.

Moreover, the TAROM #management considered that help is needed for the two communication advisers. Thus, two former #cabincrew were employed who worked in the state airline, for a determined period, Alina Răducanu și Ana Maria Grigoriu.

In mathematics, a set is called null if and only if it does not contain any element. And it is denoted by the symbol “Ø or TAROM

Give us back our true #TAROM symbol.


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